Jackson and Rye

Jackson and Rye have just become the 51st state of America!


Exclusive 4th of July menu

The Menu


Buffalo Chicken Wings - with sweet BBQ/ Peri-peri/ blue cheese sauces
Truffled Mac & Cheese topped with crispy kale
Smoked St Louis Rib - with apple ketchup and house slaw


18 Hour Smoked Beef Brisket
Cajun Vien-End Steak
Backyard Friend Chicken

Choose from these optional extras**

Homemade tripled cooked fries
Cajun spice sweet potato fries
Baked sweet potato, crème Fraiche and bacon crumbs
House slaw - (with spicy gherkins)


Apple Beignets - with boozy custard for dipping.

Cookie Sandwich - Vanilla ice cream rolled in peanuts and walnuts bucket of white chocolate sauce.

Peanut Butter and chocolate pie with caramel ice cream.

Declaration of Re-integration

When in the course of human history it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which bind them to another, no-one ever said a the darned thing about not being able to re-make them again should they so choose. So it is that we, the Great State of Jackson + Rye, do once more pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, passing from the separate and equal station which we had placed ourselves to re-join the brotherhood of States, making us the 51st State. This is our Declaration of Re-Integration and we humbly beg all who read it to join in our celebrations – more on which later.

In the long years since we separated our star from the stripes, we have been welcomed and sheltered by the people of this United Kingdom, parlaying our the need for a place to call home which was free from the strictures of Prohibition for their need for education in the ways of fine Rye whisky, down-home cooking and turning a good time into a great one. This arrangement has suited both parties well for these last four score and seventeen years but the need for a steadying hand and voice of reason within the American conversation has prompted us to give up our self-imposed exile for, though the United States of Europe become the smaller thanks to Brexit, we cannot deny our heritage any longer.

As a parting gift, we offer a portion of our self-determination to the fine upstanding people of the United Kingdom who have sheltered us so
long – amongst other things our next Governor will be decided by them via the most social of media, the primaries having already given them candidates to choose from on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Their reward will be not just our future but also some fine prizes as well.

Our State motto, “hoc unum est nobis” or “this one’s on us” will remain both unsullied and as central ever it was and we will be demonstrating it to the
full on the 4th of July, a day we will celebrate our freedom to choose our own destiny as a part of a greater whole. Each of our constituent parts, in Soho, Chiswick, Richmond, Kingston, City and Guildford, will revel in the self-evident
the truth that a good time is best shared and everyone’s invited. More details can be found on those most excellent of communication tools,
our website and social media. We are again, as ever we were, your faithful servants, the people of Jackson + Rye, the 51st of these United States.

Final thoughts

My favourite dishes were Buffalo Chicken Wings > 18 Hour Smoked Beef Brisket > Peanut Butter and chocolate pie at the end of each course I was expectant for more, and I wasn't disappointed.

Jackson and Rye have a very chilled vibe throughout the restaurant, noise levels are fairly relaxed! Jackson and Rye are a "not so hidden little gem" They're located in 56 Wardour St, Soho, London W1D 4JF! You can't miss it.

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