Earl of east

Earl of East of had their opening preview a couple of weekends ago and already they have plans on how to encourage more collaboration via the community.

The four C's (Curate - Create -Collaborate - Community) are what East of Earl stand by.

I met Nicco a couple of weeks ago and he explained to me how Earl of East started, right from the get go the collaboration effect is seen in the staff, as each member has another job on the side and working for Earl of East is something they're deeply passionate about.

Earl of East run and curate candle workshops in the back of their shop. They have a variety of workshops that stem from beginner candle workshops classes to advance classes where you curate your own candle scent.

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Earl of East London is an interiors fragrance and lifestyle brand founded in East London 2014. We have a small store in a converted shipping container in Netil Market, selling a curated mix of independent brands from around the world.

As part of our own creative exploration we launched a range of hand-poured scented soy wax candles in summer 2015. Our unique fragrances are inspired by our travels and memories. Our line has expanded to include 5 scents in 3 sizes.

Not content with working in isolation we love to collaborate with others, we've worked with ceramicists, leather makers and curated workshops and makers events.

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